The  Camillo Story







The inspiration for this story came one day while standing before my father's grave, desiring that this wonderful man should never be forgotten. His life's story, though interesting, is not extraordinary by any means, but it is very important for all of his descendants, as it is part of their story and as such must be recorded for their future memory.

Why have I called it an "Unending Story"? My hope is that my descendants, from time to time, will take the trouble to write Part II, Part III etc., continuing the story indefinitely into the future. Another aspect of this unendingness is that each marriage brings two separate families together, each with its own story, of other marriages and of other families, almost going on infinitively.

In this story I have concentrated on two families, the Camillos and the Satta-Bacciu, as my children belong to both; exactly 50% of their cultural origins and chromosomes come from each of the two branches.

However the ramifications of these family trees are numerous and my invitation is extended to all my cousins and acquired relations, that they may continue writing their story and I will be happy to add their contribution here. I am sure that their descendants will greatly appreciate the effort.

Should these pages be picked up by a reader who is not at all related to our family, I hope that it will serve him as an example and encourage him to begin another "Unending Story".

Laurence Camillo

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