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Brazilian I am married Douglas Camillo one of the descendants of Giuseppe Camillo and Teresa Da Dalt, come of Treviso for São Paulo in the years of 1888. I am initiating the research of the Camillo family in Brazil, that is 
very numerous.

Congratulations for the site developed for the gentleman, for me have been great source of information, to find the union of other also immigrant families in Brazil as: Gobbo, Stival.
It would like to know if it has you knowledge on Angelo Camillo, in the site:

It appears is that we are magic to see to the 106 years. Since we did not have the to know, nor the first one, nor the second generation of the family, all part of the third generation. Because in its majority they were agriculturists, who had suffered very in the difficult life of the Brazilian coffee plantations.

I have researched the Camillo family since 2006, with the help of several relatives. Part of this research is in the site:

To exchange information with other Camillos who migrated to Brasil, we are at: :

Recently a cousin of ours went to Italy, to study in Trieste, and has been in Santa Lucia di Piave, Treviso, birth place of our ancestor Giuseppe Otavio Camillo, son of Giovanni Camillo and Candida Gionco. From there, he brought us his Birth Register and several pictures of the town.

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