Links to genealogy and emigration sites

An Italian site for those wanting to know the story of their own family and are searching for documents on their Italian forebares.

An Italian site that wishes to help the research of ones origins and those of the thousands of persons scattered throughout the world, who are descendants of the city of San Giovanni in Fiore in Calabria

The leading resource for pursuing family history research online, with millions of fully searchable individual records, including all available US Census records (1790 – 1930).

Specifically focuses on assisting those people researching the United Kingdom and Ireland. Localized for UK, Australian, and Canadian customers, this site focuses specifically on Ancestry’s records from the British Isles and Ireland

Provider of private Web sites for families around the world. provides a unique venue to connect and strengthen families on the World Wide Web

The oldest and largest free online community for genealogists. The site contains extensive interactive guides and numerous research tools for tracing family histories


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