Watercolours - Turkey 

Gullet in Cineviz (23x30 watercolour 2008)

Gullet at anchor in Cineviz (15x21 watercolour 2008)

Gullet at mooring in Kemer (15x21 watercolour 2008)

At anchor sunrise in Ucayiz  (15x21 watercolour 2008)

Seascape in Kemer (15x21 watercolour 2008)

Winter street scene Istanbul  2006

Waterfront mosque in Bodrum   23x31  2006 

Fish restaurant at Gumusluk  (30x23)   2005

Imaginary reconstruction of ancient Roman settlement at Gumusluk  (30x23) 2005

At anchor in Gundogan  2005

The ancient ruins of Iassos    2005

A marine pinetree at English Harbour, which provides a solid anchoring   2005

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